Board Development Committee

The Development Committee is responsible for ensuring City Garden Montessori School’s development program is in concert with the organization’s strategic direction and needs. The Development committee is charged with focusing the organization and its board on fundraising, marketing, and public relations.  Except as otherwise specified, the rules and procedures of this Committee shall be governed by the rules and procedures governing all City Garden Montessori School Board committees, including but not limited to the Missouri Sunshine Law and the Bylaws.  The work of the committee shall revolve around these major areas:

    1.    Planning
         --  Work with staff to develop a fundraising plan
         --  Identify organization needs and formulate appropriate strategies for cultivating the financial and human resources needed to support the fundraising goals of the organization.
         --  Establish fundraising methods
         --  Ensure that the case for support is strong, current, and based on the organization’s mission and goals; and distinguishes the organization from others in the field
    2.    Board Involvement
         --  Develops policies, plans, procedures, and schedules for board involvement in fundraising
         --  Train, Motivate and Prepare the Board and volunteers in cultivation of potential donors and solicitations of gifts
         --  Recommend minimum guidelines for directors’ contributions and solicit those contributions
         --  Evaluate willingness & talent (who do they know, what are they willing to do)
         --  Work with reluctant board members
         --  Communicate and follow-up
    3.    Leadership
         --  Participating actively in special events and provide leadership for capital and/or annual campaigns
    4.    Ethics, Stewardship and Accountability
         --  Monitor compliance with organizational policies and procedures and state and federal law regarding donor solicitation
         --  Ensure confidentiality
         --  Ensure  respect for donor wishes
         --  Avoid conflicts of Interest
         --  Assure accuracy in information
         --  Assure funds are used for stated purpose
         --  Accountable for outcomes
         --  Recommend policies for board and staff action related to gift solicitation, recognition, and use of donor funds
         --  Ensure appropriate acknowledgment and follow-up on donor gifts.
    5.    Marketing, Public Relations, Government and Community Fairs
         --  Develop and implement a strategy for marketing and promoting the organization to various organizations
         --  Develop communication tools to support existing development plans
    6.    Research, Prospecting, and Evaluation
    7.    Help to educate the board about environmental factors affecting fundraising among the organization’s constituencies (e.g., current events, other organizations’ activities, economic factors)
         --  Identify, research, and evaluate prospective government, foundation, corporate, and private resources