Board Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is responsible for oversight and  support related to board and committee recruitment, training, and governance.  Except as otherwise specified, the rules and procedures of this Committee shall be governed by the rules and procedures governing all City Garden Montessori School Board committees, including but not limited to the Missouri Sunshine Law and the Bylaws.  The Committee will comply with Board, Charter, and state/federal-mandated operating policies and procedures, including compliance with the Missouri Sunshine Law.    The work of the committee shall revolve around these major areas:

    1.    Recruitment of Board and Committee Members
         --  Coordinate the identification and cultivation of relationships with prospective board and committee members.
         --  Make recommendations to the Board regarding nominations of new Board members.
    2.    Board Management, Training and Development
         --  Ensure proper board member performance
         --  Plan and coordinate board trainings
         --  Identify electronic, written, and seminar-based resources for development of individual board and committee members and for committees and/or the board as a whole
    3.    Governance and Compliance
         --  Ensure board and committee member compliance with requirements of the Charter, Bylaws, Missouri statute and Federal laws/ regulations.
         --  Manage the review, relevance and any updates needed to CGMS Bylaws, Charter or other legal documents.
         --  Monitor and encourage ethical and professional conduct of board members