Board of Directors

Board Director

The Board of Directors is the legal authority for City Garden Montessori School.   As a member of the Board, a Director acts in a position of trust for the community and is responsible for the effective governance of the organization.

Directors are elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting, or in the case of vacancies, by the membership at interim meetings.  Directors serve for a three-year term or the for the balance of a vacant term.  Directors may be re-elected for two additional terms.

    1.    Commitment to the work of the organization
    2.    Knowledge and skills in one or more areas of Board governance: policy, finance, programs, marketing, legal, development and/or personnel/human resources.
    3.    Willingness to serve on at least one committee and actively participate
    4.    Attendance at monthly Board meetings
    5.    A time commitment of five hours per month, (includes Board preparation, meeting and committee meeting time)
    6.    Attendance at Annual Meeting
    7.    Be informed of the services provided by City Garden Montessori School and publicly support them
    8.    Prepare for and participate in the discussions and the deliberations of the Board
    9.    Be aware and abstain from any conflict of interest
Major Duties:
    1.    Governing City Garden Montessori School by the broad policies developed by the Board
    2.    Establish overall long and short term goals, objectives and priorities for City Garden Montessori School in meeting the needs of the community
    3.    Recommend policy to the Board
    4.    Being accountable to the public for the services provided and funds expended
    5.    Monitor and evaluate effectiveness of City Garden Montessori School through a regular review of programs and services
    6.    Seek nominations for election to the Board when appropriate
    7.    Foster a positive working relationship with other Board members and staff
    8.    Actively participate in at least one committee.
    9.    Contribute significantly to fundraising and program activities