Our Students

The City Garden Montessori Student. A child who is inquisitive, exploring, discovering, learning, yearning, becoming. All these words and many more describe the City Garden Student. We don’t use the word “typical” because the City Garden Student is anything but typical.

At City Garden, students learn within the societal microcosm that is the Montessori method. Here, children study reading, mathematics, science... all the basics. But the City Garden Montessori student learns a great deal more. The life lessons applied daily result in a child who cares enough to share her knowledge, time, and the learning experience with those who are years younger. She doesn’t view it as something that is undesirable, but as much of a learning opportunity for her as it is for the younger student.

In that sense, our school offers an opportunity to be part of a community within a community. We invite you and your child to join us.