Most Recent:

Sept 2018 – New York Times: Jeff Bezos Cites a Big Number, but Few Details, in Plan for Low-Income Montessori Preschools

Sept 2018 – Saint Louis Public Radio’s St. Louis on the Air:  Not a ‘charter versus district’ issue: A discussion with several leaders of local charter schools

July 2018 – Saint Louis Public Radio: New law gives charter schools leeway to enroll more disadvantaged students

May 2018 – The Christian Science Monitor: More than ‘beautiful words’: How one school fights to keep racial equity

May 2018 – The National Coalition on School Diversity: Re-Weaving the Social Fabric through Integrated Schools: How Intergroup Contact Prepares Youth to Thrive in a Multiracial Society

May 2018 – The Century Foundation: Diverse-by-Design Charter Schools

April 2018 – The New York Times: Can Training Eliminate Biases? Starbucks Will Test the Thesis

Spring 2018 – Teaching Tolerance: Liberated Roots: School and community gardens can be emancipatory spaces—if they’re built around culturally responsive practices. Get to know three gardening activists who have learned to ask the right questions—and listen to the answers.

Jan 2018 – The 74: New South Carolina Study of Public Montessori Schools Shows Majority Low-Income Students Outperforming Peers

Jan 2018 – The Christian Science Monitor: Bridging black and white: How St. Louis residents are trying to surmount racial inequities post-Ferguson

Dec 2017 – St. Louis Post-Dispatch: City Garden Montessori charter school gets 10-year renewal

Dec 2017 – Saint Louis University Newslink: SLU-Sponsored Charter School Earns 10-Year Renewal

Nov 2017 – DELUX Magazine: 2017 DELUX Power 100 (City Garden Principal Dr. Nicole Evans honored as one of DELUX Power 100)

Nov 2017 – St. Louis Public Radio: At select charter schools, white families tip the balance toward diversity

Nov 2017 – Montessori Public: New Study: Public Montessori Raises Achievement, Closes Gaps

Feb 2017 – Beloved Community :  #BeLove: Moving from Intention to Equity

Jan 2017 – St Louis Post Dispatch:  Some St. Louis charter schools worry their popularity threatens diversity

July 2016 – The Century Foundation:  Testimony: Improving School Integration for Equity, Not Diversity

June 2016 – The St Louis American:  “Inequity in our region is literally killing our children”

May 2016 – St Louis Post Dispatch:  Taking housing, education equity beyond the school doors

May 2016 – Community Builder’s Network:  Achieving Equity Through School and Neighborhood Integration

Articles about the Housing and Education convening at City Garden:

“Taking housing, education equity beyond the school doors” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch article by Elisa Crouch)

For information on City Garden, our history and mission:

PRRAC Poverty & Race “City Garden Montessori School in St. Louis: A Story of Education Reform, Gentrification and Housing Advocacy”  (It’s on Page 9)

Edweek “In Charters, Using Weighted Lotteries for Diversity Hits Barriers”

The St. Louis American “Urban Montessori school scores 100 percent on Annual Performance Report”


From the Archives:

April 2015 – “Women’s group works to keep thriving Forest Park Southeast neighborhood diverse” –

May 2016 – Focus St Louis “What’s Right with the Region” video –

For the Sake of All Report link:

National Coalition on School Diversity info:

From Forward Through Ferguson:

December 2015 – “Affordable housing coming to Forest Park Southeast” –