Activity Fees Request Form

  • What are Activity Fees?

  • Because in the Montessori classroom children share supplies such as paper, pencils, art materials, etc., and because the Montessori classroom also calls for some specialized items, we will purchase all school supplies from a common fund. Also, at City Garden the children will enjoy “going out” from time to time, exploring the world around them by traveling to nearby parks and cultural institutions and venturing out on bigger “field trips” (i.e., the Symphony, an area farm, theatrical performances)

  • In order to cover all of these costs, we are requesting that families pay a $50 activity fee per student that will cover most school supplies, field trips and other special items or events for the year. If you are not able to pay the full $50, please simply pay what you are able. If you are able to pay more than $50, this will help to defray our communal costs of supplies and enrichment activities.

  • To make your payment of $50, please email Tiffany Murphy at to receive a digital invoice you can pay online. Thanking you in advance for your support!

  • Liz Harris, School Secretary, is available to take payments in the main office at 8:00 am. You will receive a receipt at the time of payment, upon request.