As folks continue to find ways of sharing joy with their communities, we have noticed a specific trend popping up all across the country. While birthday parties and other personal milestones cannot be celebrated the way we hope, many have turned to hosting Joy Parades for their loved ones—caravans of honking and uproarious cars pulling up in front of homes, schools, and other institutions to demonstrate love and community. This coronavirus-inspired alternative to gathering helps keep people safe—folks cannot leave their cars, and/or must maintain strict social distance.

In the spirit of this trend, we cordially invite you and your family to City Garden Joy Parade’s on Monday, April 20th from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

For the parade, we ask that parents and caregivers drive though through the pick-up line once or twice while our guides and staff smile, wave, and maintain social distance across the playground, pick-up line path and parking lot. We will be photographing, filming, and streaming the parade live Facebook in order to share the joy with our community. We welcome folks to create joyful signs, blast joyful tunes from their car, and come clad in your City Garden swag.

For folks who cannot join us, we invite you to send a video of you and your family wishing everyone well in the joy parade. Feel free to create a video on your smart phone and text it to 314-420-0626. Later on, we will cut all the footage together for a long-form recording of our community-wide Joy Parade.

Thank you and hope you can join us for the Joy Parade!

In partnership,


Christie Huck
CEO/Executive Director


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