City Garden Dress Code Policy

  • As City Garden was creating its charter, there was deep thought and consideration placed on whether or not our students should wear uniforms. In an effort to level the economic “playing field”, and to diminish a focus on materialism such as name brand and trendy clothing, etc., the decision was made to create a dress code. It is our expectation that every family support this dress code.

  • Dress Code

  • City Garden Montessori School’s dress code includes the basic colors of khaki, powder blue, navy blue and white, as well as official City Garden T-shirts, long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts. Shirts (sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets and sweaters), pants, skirts, shorts and jumpers and leggings worn underneath should be in those basic colors. Skirts and shorts should be appropriate length, reaching to the fingertips of the students when arms are straight down the side of the student. Logos or emblems (other than City Garden Montessori logos) should be no larger than a quarter. We feel that the dress code contributes to a serious learning atmosphere in our school. Backpacks should also be worn each day.

  • I have read and fully agree to abide by the City Garden Dress Code each school day. I understand that should my child(ren) come to school out of uniform, every effort will be made to enforce this policy.