City Garden Montessori Charter School Family Contract

  • As we discussed in the enrollment interview, City Garden Montessori’s curriculum and philosophy are rooted in respect. With respect comes the communication and commitment that makes understanding and respect possible.

    Your observations and guidance at home are as important as the teachers’ in school. Likewise, your involvement in City Garden will help to reinforce how important your child’s education is and it will help to create and sustain an effective and successful learning environment for your child.

    As a parent (or guardian), I understand and commit to the following:

  • 1) Alongside the teachers, as a parent I will keep lines of communication open by:
  • A. Alerting teachers when there may be a reason that your child is not feeling his/her best on any given day.
  • B. Attending regular parent conferences and any others that may be necessary.
  • C. Asking questions when I don’t understand a policy or procedure.
  • D. Attending parent information meetings.
  • E. Visiting my child’s classroom once each semester.
  • F. Reading monthly newsletters and other written notes from school.
  • G. Adding dates of school events and the school schedule to our family calendar.
  • H. Notifying the school when my child is absent.
  • I. Notifying the school when there are phone number, address or email changes.
  • J. Letting my child’s teacher know when something special happens in our family, whether a special occasion, like the birth of a sibling, or a sad change like a divorce or the death of a family member or a beloved pet.

  • 2) Reinforcing the learning environment by:
  • A. Bringing my child to school on time, in uniform, having had a good night sleep and eaten a nourishing breakfast.:
  • B. Encouraging quiet time for play or learning at home each day.
  • C. Reading alongside my child for at least 20-30 minutes a day.
  • D. Limiting “media time”—TV, videos/DVD’s, video games, computer, etc. to an hour or less per day.
  • E. Expecting that no two children will be working on exactly the same level and refraining from competition and comparison.
  • F. Being familiar with and using the City Garden Montessori Family Handbook to help keep school routines running as smoothly as possible.

  • 3) Support the core values of City Garden Montessori by understanding that:
  • A. No violence will be tolerated at City Garden Montessori at any time, whether verbal, physical, psychological (bullying) or in play.
  • B. The future of our planet depends on teaching our children to love peace and the fragile systems of the earth on which all life depends.

  • 4) Support the growth and success of City Garden Montessori by:
  • A. Each parent volunteering an average of 2-3 hours per month.
  • B. Attending Parent Organization meetings, social and parent education events, helping in my child’s classroom and staying informed about the needs and activities of City Garden.
  • C. Helping with various fundraising efforts as I am able.