Christie Huck

Organizations and businesses can support City Garden by becoming City Garden Community Partnersa network of local businesses, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and individuals who support the mission and vision of City Garden Montessori School. As a top-performing charter school in St. Louis, we are proud of the leadership we offer in strengthening our neighborhoods and reforming education in our region. We invite you to join us as partners in our mission, to bring the highest quality Montessori education to children in St. Louis.

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Christie Huck
Executive Director

Community Partner Exposure

City Garden events are attended by hundreds of active, engaged local parents, grandparents, business people, and community members from all over the metro area. City Garden’s website receives hundreds of views per month from readers locally and nationally, looking for the latest information on education reform, Montessori education, and high-quality urban education options.  City Garden’s electronic newsletter goes out to hundreds of local, active residents, and our list is growing every day. Our social media presence is also growing every day, garnering attention from across the country. Community Partners are recognized through all of these platforms, as well as in City Garden promotional materials.

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We invite you to join our amazing network of Community Partners. Contact:

Christie Huck, Executive Director, at or 314.664.7646 x213

Deborah Flores, Chief Development Officer, at or 314.664.7646