City Garden isn’t just a school. We are a community of educators, families, neighbors and friends where children feel safe and accepted. At City Garden, teaching and learning means redefining educationre-imagining community and reinvigorating our world, and we extend education beyond the four walls of our classrooms. We are a community, not a classroom, and that’s why we are unique.

While our charter school status enables City Garden to receive government funding for our K-8 classrooms, many essential programs that define City Garden are not supported by public funds. The things that make us a true community and unique among our peers, such as our Montessori Preschool, our Anti-Bias, Anti-Racism Program and our Family Support Program, are possible only through the support of our generous donors.

Please join us in this effort to keep excellent, anti-biased, anti-racist Montessori education accessible to all of our children. 

You can support City Garden as an individual or family by making an individual donation or by joining our Community Builders Giving Club. Organizations and businesses can support City Garden by becoming City Garden Community Partners