Media Consent

  • Dear Parents:

    City Garden Montessori School students often have the opportunity to be featured by local news media in TV and news stories. Students may also be included in photographs and video taken at CGMS sponsored activities, school publications and on our website in connection with the school’s publicity. Because of student privacy laws, we want to secure parental permission before publishing information about any child. Please understand that a child’s private information (such as addresses, phone numbers, social security number) is NEVER published by the school, nor is it released to any other agency or media outlet. This form will be valid as long as your child is enrolled as a student at City Garden Montessori School. Please indicate your preference below, sign and date this form and return it to City Garden’s main office where it will be kept on file.

    If you have any questions, please contact City Garden Montessori School at 314-664-7646.

  • Buzz Book Opt Out

    City Garden Montessori School updates and distributes a yearly Buzz Book. This book lists new and established City Garden families and includes the following information: name, home phone number, cell phone number and email address. Your family information WILL be listed unless you chose to opt out for the upcoming school year. Please check the appropriate box below and return this form to the City Garden Montessori School office where it will be kept on file.