Current Family Portal

Welcome to the Current Family Portal! Here you can find archived family updates, the Back to School Packet, and individual Back to School Forms. You will also find the COVID-19 On-Site Procedure Video below. In order to ensure the safety and well being of our children and staff, we ask that each child planning to be in the school building this fall watch the following COVID-19 On-Site Procedure Video. The video features City Garden students demonstrating how to maintain social distance, wear a mask, participate in daily temperature checks, and participate in drop-off and pick-up protocol.

Virtual Meet the Teacher Slideshows

Each member of our staff has put together a Google Slideshow containing photos, classroom information, and a welcome video (to view the welcome videos, click the Present button in the top, right hand corner in order to enable Presentation Mode). To view each staff member's Meet the Teacher Slideshow, please click the hyperlinked text below! 

Primary 1 - Ms. Shannon Adams and Ms. Helen Sayre

Primary 2 - Ms. Hilary Fischman and Ms. Mary Halim

Primary 3 - Ms. Amy Willems and Ms. Emilie Moroney

Lower Elementary 1 - Ms. Brenda McDonald

Lower Elementary 2 - Ms. Danielle Combs and Mr. Chris Stevenson

Lower Elementary 3 - Ms. Becky Broshears and Mr. Nick Diener

Upper Elementary - Ms. Ariel Campbell and Mr. Matt Jaworski, Ms. Lauren Denney, Mx. Ollie Ganim, Ms. Vida Weekly

Junior High - Ms. Amy Denother, Mr. Pat Garrett, and Ms. Marina Henke

School Support Staff - Mr. Robert Nelson and Ms. Michelle Marshall 

Specials Guides - Ms. Trisha Anderson, Señorita Juliet Salih, and Mr. Norman Williams.

Director of Academic Support Services & Reading Specialist - Ms. Cathy Bain

Reading Specialist - Ms. Anne Beney

i-Ready Resources & Support

1) You Got This! - Video Support from i-Ready
2) Introducing i-Ready Assessment At Home for Families
3) Family Guidance for Administering the Diagnostic from Home
4) Partnering with Families When Assessing at Home
5) i-Ready Family Guide


Starting in October, we will have a plethora of FABULOUS Friday activities for students. To learn more about these activities, when they will happen, and how to get involved, click the button below.

FABULOUS Friday Opportunities

Confirmation of Enrollment

Has your child (or children) been accepted to City Garden Montessori School's Charter School Program or Preschool Program? If so, please click the respective buttons below to submit a Confirmation of Enrollment Form for each child, depending upon the program to which they were accepted.

Confirmation of Enrollment Form Charter School
Confirmation of Enrollment Form Primary Program

Student Information Packet

Has your child (or children) been accepted to City Garden Montessori School's Charter School Program or Preschool Program? If so, please click the button below to submit a Student Information Packet for each child.

Student Information Packet

Back to School Forms

To fill out the Back to School Packet, please click here. If you find that you made a mistake, or need to resubmit one of the forms in the Back to School Packet, please re-submit the form through the hyperlinked text below.

1. Attendance Policy and Procedure Form
2. Breakfast and Lunch Program Form
3. Code of Conduct for Parents4. Dismissal Form5. Family Contract6. Google Account-Internet Access Form
7. Media Consent Form8. Parent/Guardian Volunteer Commitment Commitment Form 2020-20219. Pick Up Permission Form