Response to COVID-19

Family Assistance Fund

Family Assistance Fund

We have set up a Family Assistance Fund for City Garden families who are in need of financial support at this time.

If you have a need for support in the way of groceries, rent or utilities assistance or other needs, you can either reach out to Ms. Michelle Marshall at, or you can make a request at this link.

If you are able to and interested in contributing to the Family Assistance fund you can click here to make contribution, or you can participate in our 24-hour Charidy fundraiser on April 28th and 29th. Read more below about our Charidy fundraiser:

City Garden is holding a 24-hour online fundraiser April 28th and 29th. All funds raised will support our COVID-19 needs and response, and donations will be quadrupled! Thus, if you make a $25 donation, City Garden will receive $100.

We are committed to providing whatever supports are needed to our families during this time, and we are committed to keeping all of our staff employed throughout this time of economic uncertainty. We are facing budget shortfalls from lower tuition and less state funding. We need your help!

We ask those who are able to consider making a contribution on April 28th or 29th, and we ask all of our families to share information about the campaign with others via social media, text, email and phone. Please watch email and our social media pages for more information. We are looking for folks to be part of our texting and phone calling team on April 28th! If you are able and willing, please sign up at this link.

Thank you for your support!

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